The Ultimate in Environmentally Friendly Computing?

Possibly the most odd case design you will ever see. This beast is actually made out of cardboard!

Unsurprisingly, it arrives as a flatpack and the assembly looks like it may take a few frustrating hours! From the pictures it looks like this is a glue free process though so all you have to watch out for is stray coffee cups and Paper cuts!

Hardware is attached to the case by way of small clips. Presumably the finished case can be completed to your own specifications using paint, markers, papier mache etc 😉

It’s not clear from the accompanying text if this is a big april fools joke, but the attention to detail does indicate that this case does really exist and you can buy it.

On the plus side it would certainly make things a lot lighter so it would be far more feasible to attend those lan parties.

Sending the thing would also be a doddle: Brown tape over the orifices and write an address on the top 😉

Alas, there are some downsides: Think of the risk of paper cuts whilst upgrading.

Also it would no longer be too smart to stick coffee cups on the top of the PC!

For those amongst you hell-bent on running flogging 466 Celerons at 1.2 Gigs, there may be a very real fire risk 😉

If you now have your heart set on one of these, check out the source below. Beware, it’s not English!

Whatever next? TurboTas can think of some distinct advanges to Cardborad motherboards, Hard Discs and Ram. It would be nice to try a cardboard keyboard: At least it will do less damage when slung out of the window in frustration 😉


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