Hopefully Lightning Never Strikes Twice

The TurboTas site was affected by lightning today and not a nice experience was it!

Some weeks ago the the UPS failed its battery test. I had removed it from service pending an engineer test soon.

At about 15:00 I’m told a huge lightning flash was heard and felt. I’ve not yet worked out how close it landed but I’m told flash and sound were indistinguishable in timing (not particularly scientific, I know!)

Of 10 hosts we have this condition: The primary server stayed up. One 10 Meg Hub port fired. One DSL Hub Port fried. Main Firewall Lost 3 (Yes 3!) Nics including it’s internal one. Two servers locked up solid but power cycling fixed.

Luckily, all was repaired reasonably fast: the firewall is a diskless jobbie running on an old PC and I just happened to have a spare box and a heap of those ubiquitous NICs whose name I don’t need to mention!

The Hub will be skipped, it was only a cruddy 10 meg jobbie, plenty more around. The remaining problem, The DSL based hub is harder to overcome: the unit still seems to work minus the one port. Although it’s less than 6 months old, I think I’ll stick with it: Luckily the built in hub is not critical and I don’t want to be connectionless!

Needless to say, I’ll look to get either the UPS or a proper filter installed soon as, just in case lightning does strike twice!

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