SCO Business

Time For a Catchup of the latest SCO events. All together now: ‘There’s no business like SCO business, there’s SCO business I know‘ (Or should that be SCO?)

Mirth and merryment prevail. Much has been happening with the Linux/Unix/SCO fiasco.

1) SCO Share price his risen pretty well. TurboTas reckons it’s in for a crash soon, but that’s just opinion.


2) In a strange counter move, there are now mumblings from a presently unknown but supposedly reliable source which state that SCO may have violated the GPL by using parts of Linux in the UnixWare product without displaying or accrediting it. This may be a cheap trick, but certainly it’s pretty funny! I only hope it’s true.

3) A court in Germany has granted a preliminary injunction against SCO. This injuction, sponsored by SuSE AG (amongst others), prohibits SCO from making further claims in Germany that ‘Linux is an illegal derivative of Unix’. The injunction carries a stiff 250,000 Euro penalty if SCO fail to heed it.

That’s it for now: more to follow as it happens! Hey, if you see something, you Tell Me: Better still, use that ‘Submit News’ button for flip’s sake! I write like a man possessed and someone’s reading it: help by contributing!

Opinion: Don’t forget that those litiginous twerps at SCO only have Unix by aquisition: they have no more idea how it works than you have an idea how to fix your shiny new Ford: Suing people is the only way they can think of to make money out of it!

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