Todays New Virus Warnings

A tranche of new viruses reported late yesterday and already today.


Worm masquerading as ICQ software. Writes itself as svch0st.exe, mods reg to run on startup and makes many outbound connections. Possible remote control client. O. Few reports of this in the wild.

Writes itself as WINTSK32.EXE, mods reg to run at startup. Possible Keystroke recorder, possible DOS attacks against pakistan based machines. Propogates by SMTP, and Network Shares. Few reports of this in the wild.

Worm Virus propogating as email attachment with various subject lines looking like replies to previous messages. Will not spread after July 14th. File attachment is called ‘’.Many reports of this worm in the wild.

Word Macro worm which creates a VBScript file called WordSeek.vbs. Adds a line to wini.ini to infect Word files with another Virus, VBS/Simuleek-B. Few reports of this in the wild.

JavaScript/Java applet combination that forces HTML aware email clients to open a website. The website runs Troj/ByteVeri-A to install itself locally. Attempts to subvert some websites by putting entries into the local hosts file. Exploits a vulnerability in Microsoft VM ActiveX component. Adds some Porn related Favorites. Few reports of this virus in the wild.

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