You May not realise it yet, but the world of thin, flat displays is changing.

Certainly resolutions get higher all the time and there are new technologies around the corner.

Get ready for the next quantum leap though: Electronic Paper.


Okay, okay, it may not sound amazing but this is pretty cool stuff: Imagine anything that is presently printed on paper could be replaced with a soft equivalent.

A broadsheet newspaper which refreshes every morning. A Soft Book which lets you load a tome then rifle pages just like the real thing.

Many of the problems that plague present display technology are eliminated: Resolution, viewing angle, backlighting, power requirements. The display has a paper white background and very high contrast.

The best available monitors give you a display resolution of around 100 dpi. Imagine technology that is 150dpi today and could easily scale way way beyond that.

The technology is based on that found in traditional printing: black pigments on a light background.

The display is non volatile meaning that it holds it’s picture without power. This gives ir tremendous appeal in the mobile devices market and indeed, a notable mobile phone manufacturer is already interested in the technology.

Perhaps all these reasons explain why the list of investors in e-Ink is so impressive. $100M raised from companies like Philips, Motorola and Lucent.

Things are certainly going to happen at eInk so keep watching and remember: you heard it here first!

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