Walk Through Screens made of Fog!

The walk-thru fog screen is a novel and intriguing method for forming a superior quality physically penetrable dry fog display. It is a break-through technology, literally!

The key features are that the screen is flat, enabling high-quality projections, and walk-thru is possible. The fog screen feels like nothing and does not make things wet. It creates a magical effect as if the imges are floating in thin air. This work has international patents pending.

Since announcing it publicly in Taejon, South Korea in Dec. 2001, the fog screen has gained an enthusiastic audience everywhere. The world premiere demonstration was in the Science Fair in Turku, Finland in October 2002. The prototype in the Science Fair was a success. It was covered in all the Finnish main TV news broadcasts, newspapers, etc.

The fog screen has also been presented in New Scientist (UK), Wired (USA), Focus (D), and many other international magazines. The first permanent prototype installation has been running reliably in Vapriikki museum in Tampere, Finland since January 24th, 2003. See it here!

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