Site Upgrades #2

Finally, I’ve got around to fixing the poxy 3Gig drive that has run on since 1997.
Lately, the drive errors have been increasing and the uptimes have tumbled down to windows levels (Grin), so Something Had To Be Done.
Interestingly enough, it’s not actually all that obvious what it is that you have to do when replacing your /root partition drive.
In the end, all was well courtesey of a boot CD and a spare machine: I just installed the old and new drives, booted to CD, and used the normal fdisk/mkfs commands to build the new disk, then mounted both and copy the files accross.
I was careful to make the new drive hda, then when the copy finished, I just chroot’ed to the drive and ran the grub installer. All was NOT this easy in the LILO days!
I used the spare space on the new drive for Swap, Logs, tmp and WebRoot. All should be swifter now.
Finally got around to enabling the second CPU too: Hitcounts have increased (a bit) since the NewsForge article was published and that SSL traffic has been killing the box.

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