SCO Sites Aplenty.

Well, It’s been another roller coaster few weeks in the SCO drama. It seems that every time McBride or his loons make a statement they open themselves to instant ridicule

There are some really interesting articles popping up now and some brilliant counter attacks planned.

Check out Eric Raymond’s ‘No Secrets‘ site: Eric is gathering evidence to torpedo the claim that System V contains trade secrets. This is due to many many individuals having free and unrestricted access to the source code. Presently Eric has 60 odd people prepared to sign affidavits to this effect.

Next there are now former SCO employees coming out of the woodwork also prepared to sign affidavits that it was common practice to strip BSD copyright warnings off as they used code in System V. This is Excellent: If proven it may show that SCO don’t own Unix themselves!

Check out the ‘We Love the SCO Information Minister‘ Site: It gives an excellent timeline of McBrides descent into madness.

As if the above were not enough, I’m even working on a piece myself regarding the risks of using any *nix variant except Linux. Think about it for a moment before you buy your next Sun or HP platform: What happens if their licenses get revoked?

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