SCO Releases an Open Letter to the community

SCO have released an open letter to the Open Source community attempting to justify their recent actions.

Although on the surface the letter appears conciliatory, it does not contain any new information other than presumably trying to placate average Joe Linux user.

Interestingly McBride does attack both Bruce Perens and Eric Raymond in counter-bombardment to their own recent comments about SCO.

TurboTas guesses that the personalities here could be instrumental in the eventiual outcome: Playing Perens and Raymond off against each other could make things really messy for the Open Source community: Perens and Raymond have had a really nasty slanging match in the past, in public.

What McBride does is start to manouever around statements that the pair of them have made so that Raymond is made out as a militant SCO hater whilst Perens Staunchly agrees that SCO could be right.

Look around for yourself, nothing could be further from the truth!

The new SCO open letter is here (I didn’t dare rip it!)

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