HP Softly Softly with SCO

In an interesting about turn, HP have requested that SCO remove all the HP banners on their American Roadshow.

HP are a big sponsor of the Roadshow. This you can expect: HP are a massive SCO customer. It seems though that HP are nervous about just how in bed with SCO they are prepared to get. TurboTas guesses they may be frantically trying to saw their arm off before SCO awakes.

Now it seems they’ve noticed that it may not be beneficial to their Linux business to stand too close to SCO.

Needless to say, there are many parties beginning to distance themselves from SCO, both politically and financially.

Interestingly, Sun have been reasonably quiet so far: it can’t be long before they wade in to support their primary OS vendor alongside HP? Mind you they are in a financial world of hurt at the moment: perhaps OS problems are the least of their worries….

At the same time, SCO have just enjoyed a 25% downturn in share price. To be fair this is far more likely to be IBM related than HP.

Fun stuff at the coalface then!

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