Gone Again: www.sco.com

On Thursday, there was much discussion on public forums when the SCO site went offline for 10 hours or so. Although SCO immediately claimed foul play an analysis of their statements and the attack/availability profile didn’t stack up.

In the end it was generally accepted that they probably did it themselves, possibly a misconfiguration or similar failure.

As of around midday Saturday, SCO has gone again. You can checkout the availability charts at Netcraft.

Part of the problem here is that SCO have made themselves very very unpopular with a very large number of people. It is distinctly possible that some amongst us are budding cyber-terrorists.

It does not take a genius to see that any attacks on SCO like this will result in bad press for the community. In the short term, perhaps it feels good, but that’s bound not to last, particularly when your local law enforcers come knocking.

Don’t do it: Do not stoop to the same low and dirty tactics that SCO and their lawyers are using.

Most likely is that the community was correct about Thursday’s outage and this one either planned downtime, a bug, or perhaps plain dumbness on behalf of an admin somewhere.

BTW, check out those Netcraft charts carefully, particularly the OS that the SCO website runs….

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