SCO Programmers start to spill some beans….

Groklaw has published an interesting article regarding the authorised contributions of SCO employee Tigran Aivazian to the Linux kernel.The article specifically discusses the contributions of Tigran Aivazian. Tigran has contributed much code and discussion. The big blow for SCO is that his work was done with the blessing of SCO.

Worse than that for SCO: as Tigran’s interest is in SMP, his contributions are specifically related to getting Linux up to enterprise grade: you will recall that getting Linux up to enterprise grade is the specific allegation made against IBM By SCO.

Other recent articles by Groklaw have detailed similar contributions (all authorised by relevant SCO directors) from a number of other SCO/Caldera developers.

It’s another body blow to SCO who were forced to comply with IBM’s motion to compel discovery earlier in the month (meaning that they specifically must identify any and all alleged infrigements).

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