First Mad Idea Of 2004

Happy new year. The first public idea, and the first new posting for 2004.

The problem with the Internet and law enforcement is that perps will always go where the least resistance is.

If that means that Porn sites move to Lithuania and Spammers operate from Nigeria, then you are going to have problems stopping em.

Not that the countries have poor legal systems, just that they have different ones.

Add to this the growing issue over currencies: The growing ‘net will need a way to fix currency conversions etc.

TurboTas mad idea is that The Internet should be a nation state itself. It should have it’s own laws and it’s own currencies. Counties will have to enforce those laws for their citizens or face getting cut off.

I guess some repressive regimes would like that, but we need to get this Internet thing sorted.

Half arsed legislation about intangibles and electronic exports is going to make the Internet a legal minefield soon.

Ask me more about this fascinating subject……

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