Who Suffers at the final death of SCO?

I was just musing and laughing out load at the recent revelations from Novell and it occurred to me that there is no-one that actually cares about SCO’s impending doom.

Then I began to think again. SCO’s lawyers of course will win whatever happens. Those vultures only stand to win out of this. They’s had the balls to stand up and cheat/lie/steal etc for SCO so some other company is bound to want a peice of them 😉

No thinks I, There is someone that stands to suffer. It’s that well known company, the Yankee Group.

It occurrs to me that the more wild that Laura DiDio gets in her support for SCO, the more embarrassed the Yankee group stand to be when it’s all show to have been a share price scam.

After all, Yankee Group proclaim themselves “a global leader in communications and networking research and consulting”. How could one of their analysts possibly have got this so badly wrong?

This the biggest computing sector legal wrangle ever, and Yankee are siding with the cowboys {smirk}. Surely they will drop the daft Didio soon or they are going to crash and burn badly?

I’m not underestimating here: Didio has been more or less the only respectable voice that SCO could find to support them, so they have quoted her every opportunity they could.

What say you chaps?

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