Day 2 Progress

Okay, build day 2 began with a visit to my local DIY centre where, for the princly sum of £70, I procured enough wood for the first part of the build, the center console and side panel shells.

In common with other designs, the pit needs to be dismantleable: This is mainly due to being somewhat larger than a doorway!

To fit this requirement the pit will split into 4 main pieces: The front ‘nose’ will be a cabinet to hold the PC’s that run the sim. Next is the main pit that forms a 61cm wide section with the center console, the seat and the back. The other two major parts will be the sides: these semi-cylinders attach to the sides of the pit to enclose it and give more panelspace for dials, stick and throttle.

There are some smaller ancillary parts: a canopy, the front screen and the rear headrest, but these will follow much later in the build.

The rest of day two was used laying out the floor, measuring and cutting MDF and then building the centre console The gallery has all the piccies.

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