Day 4 and 5 Progress

Okay, I got around to getting some wood bought. The door in the port side is cut and I’ve just about completed the stringers: see the gallery for shots!

The pit is now turned around ready for me to start the starboard side on Friday afternoon. I’m hoping that the starboard side will be much faster to build now that I’ve done the head scratching once already!

I’ve made some progress on the electronics: I’ve examined the Farnell, RS and Maplin sites for switches etc. RS and Farnell have huge ranges, Interestingly, too large to really browse: Must get hard copy of RS catalogue!

Maplin has a small product range, but this makes it easy to flick through. It looks like the switches alone for this project will come out to about £150. Ouch!

Roy Coates very kindly agreed to give me the details for his panel layouts, so I’m hoping to get some work done on the layout over the weekend.

I’m also planning on buying a stick and rudder: until I get these there are critical measurements in the pit that I don’t know.

Much shopping still to do! Computer rooom is slowly being tidied up: I’ve got no room for anything now! Skipping old stuff. Is January too early for a spring clean?

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