Week 1 Progress

Time for a quick progress report. The pit is already taking shape: Perhaps there is a record for the quickest ‘pit build ever? Alas, I suspect that the mechanical bit, the actual body, is the easy part!

After 4 trips to the DIY Shop, the main frame of the cockpit is complete! Both the port and starboard ribs are in place and the runners are in place too.The port cockpit inner top side is fitted and drying as we speak. Some rework was needed to make the side fit: in the original design the inner curve was too tight for the hardboard to follow, even when pre-bent and it kept jumping off.

Assuming the wood supplies hold out, the next seven days should see the fitting of the remaining inner skin, the cutting and screwing in of the internal panels, the fitting of the seat and initial marking for the perspex panels themselves. In slower time, the design of the front nose cabin section will begin. This section can house the two PC’s. Slow time can’t be too slow though: the front windshield design relies on a completed cabinet!

Tomorrow should also see the fitting of the dowels to make the sides properly removeable. If this works okay, things can continue with the outer skin. Presently the sides are held in place with large woodscrews to stop them moving during construction.

Roy Coates has kindly agreed to take some detailed shots from the interior of his own ‘pit, so this will help enormously.

Ideally, I’d like to get everything done with just one Hagstrom controller, so things will be a bit tight on the number of switches: I’m wondering if the Hagstrom supports common anode design so that I can flick PC1 and PC2 common keys with a SELect switch.

Judging from the strength of the sides, I would have said that the general construction has worked really well: MDF ribs with Pine and MDF Runners. In general, it’s just glue holding it all together: screws are only used in critical locations.

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