Day 8 Progress

Okay, finally slowed down a bit. Got home too late to use the power tools today, so had to make do with non noisy construction.

Firstly, decided on the angle for the side panels and cut/sanded them. Fitted port panel: Starboard on tomorrow’s list! Vertical side panel’s next on list. Central panel depends on monitor and windscreen layout so may have to wait.I’ve started to think about templates for Perspex panel’s but I’m still looking for sensibly priced Perspex!

Investigated separate joystick and throttles. CH Products have excellent gear but at £250 it’s out of my range. Thrustmaster HOTAS: Also excellent, but also £250.

In the end I found a really good value Saitek setup and have placed an order for these. I’m still thinking about how to do the rudder: I may have to ask mail-list for advice: I’d really like pedals with toe brakes, but this may not be acheivable.

Worked on the key mapping spreadsheet and posted query to simpits mail-list to see if it may be useful.

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