Week 3 Progress

Hi SimPit fans. I got quite a bit done this week. Mainly Covering and finishing the inside. I’ve definitely entered a slow burning phase though: external time constraints played a big part this week.

Today is a big budget day for the project: I’m balancing the books of ebay income against expenditure so far. The ebay account is sitting at around £200 and expenses for the ‘pit build are around the £500 mark including the RS spend and the Gamma Ray Controller. Don’t worry thought work won’t grind to a halt: I cashed in the change jar a couple of weeks ago and that has delivered a nice £200 float!

The computer room is gradually emptying of years and years of accumulated junk. Hopefully I can shift some of the RJ45 flyleads I bought from the wholesalers last year! If I can move all of them, it puts me back on track for breaking even.
Here are the weeks targets and the status:

Week 3 Targets and acheivements

    Finish top edge ready for trim done!

    Aquire internal trim done!

    Carpet floor/Walls, vinyl panels done!

    Mark MDF panels and cut-out done!

    Mark Perpex and cut-out

    Design Hoops for canopy/screen/headrest

    Magnetic catches for EB door done!

    Joystck/Throttle fitting done!

Big jobs completed this week were the monitor modification and the ensuing central panel marking, cutting and covering. The internal layout is now pretty complete bar the actual switch panels.

Gamma Ray is ordered and expected in the next few days. I’m working on the first GammaRay -> RJ45 ->Switch Loom so that I can test it when it comes in.

RS Components order placed for a batch of panel mounting bushes/screws and the first 60 (yes 60!) switches. These are expected in the next couple of days too.

Switch panel mockup in progress. I’ll be making an MDF version of one of the panels to test out the drilling and fitting technique for the switches, cable relief mounts etc.

There are some carried forward tasks: canopy design and build is going slow at the moment due to difficulty making it rigid but light. Aslo no sign of cheap 2mm perspex or acrylic yet…

EB door got damaged in the move and this requires rework.

Perspex panel cutouts to wait for mockup results and testing of expanding flange mountings in MDF (They are meant for thermoplastic).

Week 4 Targets

    Skin and trim inner door

    Vinyl on inner door

    Create Mockup Panel on MDF

    Finish entire loom for Gamma Ray 256

    Finish common simulator key mapping

    Further work on panel layouts

    Test threaded expandin Bush panel mounts

    Complete external stringers.

    Complete Canopy bar covering

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