Week 4 Progress

Another week has gone by and further progress has been made.

Some key stages have been completed. Further equipment deliveries have taken place and things are moving on.

Don’t forget to check out the gallery to see the latest progress.Yet again, there are some tasks to carry forwards: I could not really get in the carpentry mood this week, so most of the time has been spent with Visio finalising Panel layouts abnd with a soldering iron working on the looms.

These were the week 4 targets:

    Skin and trim inner door done!

    Vinyl on inner door done!

    Create Mockup Panel on MDF done!

    Finish entire loom for Gamma Ray 256 done!

    Finish common simulator key mapping

    Further work on panel layouts

    Test threaded expanding bush panel mounts done!

    Complete external stringers

    Complete Canopy bar covering

The most work this week went into the GammaRay wiring. Doesn’t sound hard, but individually stripping, soldering and insulating 256 wires took quite some time.

Re-used an old equipment case which also fortuitously has a 5V power supply bvuilt in: this will be ideal for the separate illumination circuits like Gear, Master Power, Avionics Power etc.

The main week 5 goals are to complete the key mapping, solder some more switch looms and create the first of the final panels. I estimate that the panel designs are 80% complete now for the core 4 games: X-Plane, IL2, CFS2 and FS2002.

TurboTas 2004

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