Late News: 2004 Pancake Count

Those of you that actually know me (Okay that’s most of you), were not too surprised at the Pancake photoblog last year.

As the digital camera was not available this year, instead we have the consumption and latency timings.

Pancake consumption began at 18:33 and continued until 19:28. From the graph, it’s pretty easy to see that consumption proceeded at a rate which easily exceeded production.

In addition, it’s even possible to see the slightly larger gaps where other family memebers got a look in: there are clear gaps between pancakes 2 & 3, 4 & 5 and 9 & 10 where Charlie or Selina managed to grab one. I had to wait a bit longer for my production slot, thus the graph delay.

The slighly slow consumpation of pancake 7 explains that both that I was just about full and needed the break and the production of the second bowl of batter. Pancake 8 was not until around 7:20. Finally after 11 pancakes I’d had enough this year.

Batter mix was excellent and the new larger pan probably explains the lower count. That the pan is non-stick also explains why pancakes wrere turning up at about two minute intervals. *BURP*

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