New Developments

It’s been a while since I wrote anything about SCO, so it’s probably about time for an update. I’ve only scratched the surface with this update. Check out Groklaw for the full stories.Firstly, the RedHat trial has been ‘stayed’ pending an outcome in the IBM case. The judge took this steep unilaterally and RedHat are appealing it on the grounds that SCO are continuing to bully end users.

Secondly, Baystar, the finance group that invested heavily in SCO last year to finance their litigation spree, has asked for their money back. Indications as to why are not clear but BayStar have hinted that much of it may be down to Darl’s persistent half-truths.

Third, SCO shares have nosedived recently having dropped to around 50% that at their peak in October last year.

A forth newsworthy article is that Laura Didio of the Yankeee group is now saying that the case is like a rollercoaster ride. WTF? Last time I looked, she was a staunch supporter of SCO. Now it’s a Rollcoaster ride?

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