Shares SCOing down!

Looks like SCO are in for a rocky ride again. Share prices have hit the buffers with shares briefly dropping below the $4 mark. As of writing they have staggered back up to $4.77 mark, but it’s clearly a herculean effort for a company which is all but dead.It’s a sorry end for the Unix operating system: to be owned by a 300 staffer company, most of whom are involved in litigation and licensing rather than developing product. Unix is effectivly dead now: SCO are just concentrating on litigation. It seems that the financial world is not even sure this will save them.

Volume has been high in the 14 months or so since litigation began. TurboTas guesses that most people who want to earn a few quid have now done so (Mainly the exec’s at SCO!)

Here is the share price picture showing volume and price over the last couple of years. Shares are not quite as low as they were pre-litigation, but it’s only a matter of time now.

See here for more up-to-date share prices.

TurboTas 2004

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