SCO Lose the Daimler Chrysler Action

Oh Yes. SCO have had their case against Daimler Chrysler largely
dismissed. Although there is still one legal point outstanding, the
court found no case for DC to answer. In fact the judge implied he was
not willing to entertain a fishing expedition. Hilariously SCO
considers this a win.You may recall that DC were surprised to have been one of SCOs tragets as they have not even used Unix for over 7 years.

As seems normal these dyas, SCO made numerous allegations during the
process of the case and shifted legal track on numerous occaisions.
What it came down to in the end was claims that DC didn’t tell SCO soon
enough that they were no longer using the product.

Hardly the Linux bashing we expected was it? Despite the lack
of Linux references, outside the court-room SCO have been using the DC
case as an example of suing a ‘Copyright Infringer’.

Most normal people would now skulk off and lick their wounds at
this point. Not SCO. Oh no. SCO are actually claiming this loss as a
victory, as they now have the letter from DC that they said was all
they wantedL: that DC are not breaking the terms of there license.

That the judge agrees the license is terminated and non-enforceable seems to have passed them by.

One of the interesting points is that DC were one of the
(admittedly large) group of companies that had access to Unix Source
code. The moral seems to be that the closer you are to SCO the harder
you’ll get stabbed. Get away. Get away while you still can.

I succeeded in finding a SCO customer the other day: It
transpires that World class firewall product Cyberguard stioll uses the
SCO kernel at the heart of there hardware firewalls. I guess you won’t
be surprised top hear that they are working all out to dump Unix and
start using Secure Linux as the core OS in future.

On another track, it seems that Baystar are so fed up with SCO
that they’ve decided to go through the courts to get their money back.
Ho ho ho. We’ve seen SCO on the ropes before so don’t hold your breath:
Remember with even the faintest hope of a future win in the $3B suit
against IBM, they’ll always be some twonk to invest. Don’t forget,
BayStar are supposed to be smart financial kiddies….

TurboTas 2004

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