Mambo’s Developer Team Breaks with Miro

The developer team for Mambo, (the leading CMS which runs the TurboTas site), has left
the project over a dispute with Miro, the copyright owner. It seems Miro
setup the Mambo Foundation in a much different way than the developers
expected, as they explain in the story link.

The reason for this is the announcement
earlier this week that Miro was working on the ‘Mambo Foundation’. One
of the main reasons for this announcement is the fact that this
foundation was to be formed without consulting the actively involved
community members such as core developers, 3rd party developers,
translators, documentors, etc…

Since Miro hasn’t been active in the community at all for some time now, it seems they are just trying to cash the latest success of the CMS at LinuxWorld SF.

At the moment all ‘troops’ are gathering at, where it has become clear that the future of the CMS is secured.

The majority, if not all, active community members support the core
developers team in their decision and wish to release a first stable
version of the new CMS, formerly known as Mambo.

Go to the forums on and you will see all kinds of
things happening there. The head developer sent a letter to the
community to let then know the status. See for the letter and all of the details.

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