Lexmark don’t want your business

Alas, it’s time for another rant article. Next time you are in the market for a printer, think very carefully if your chosen product is a Lexmark. Renowned for their low price, low quality approach to output devices, Lexmark just won a landmark battle that should ring alarm bells for anyone with a Lexmark printer.
Your printer supply costs just went through the roof. You don’t know it yet, but you have just got well and truly shafted. Lexmark just won a landmark case that makes it illegal under patent law for anyone to manufacture cartridges for their printers or even refill Lexamrk cartridges.

Who cares? Probably you should. Lexmark original cartridges cost a fortune. An absolute fortune. As an example, a set of cartidges for an average Lexmark printer designed for home use will cost you around £80.

Cartridges for a similar Epson printer will cost around £14.

Go figure, but don’t take too long. Stay away from Lexmark and do yourself a favour!

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