Tactile two handed input device:



This incredible input device from Tactiva could just be the death of the mouse. Okay, you think I’m crazy already, but you better just check out the site before you reinforce that notion. It looks like a weird touch pad, but wait till you see the demo video.

Not only does the device support multiple simultaneous touches, but it also has tactile feedback so you can feel stuff happening for example buttons which are greyed out feel different to active buttons. The camera system is used to grab a silouette of the hands which are then shown on the CRT to enhance the effect.

The system is used to make the mouse obsolete by having far more common functions available by direct interaction with the screen/pad. For example, touching with one finger on each hand and moving apart zooms in, moving apart zooms out. grabbing a shape and moving to drag it, touching a shape with two fingers to rotate it. I really can’t do it justice here, you must check out the Tactiva site and watch the demo video.

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