Project Veggie News

Sunday saw the latest phase of work on the veggie mobile. Acquisition of 3/8" hose proved the right thing to do: all under bonnet hoses arenow connected and a mjor milestone has been reached: the heat exchanger is now inline. I did everything I could to get air out of the systemand the car only coughed a couple of times when I started it. All inall a very good result. It transpires that the 3/8" hoses are a great fit on the outside of the 8mm OD copper tube I've been using.

The next major task is to find a wiring route into the passenger ompartment for the switch and a temperature guage. You would thinkthat this would be pretty easy to do, but it has not proved so thus far!

After that, I need to measure fuel temperature inline between the exchanger and the fuel pump. This in turn will be used to decide whento switch supply from Derv to Bio. This will be simply a short length
of copper tube inserted inline in the fuel path and with a temperature sensor fitted.

During the next mild weather the front to rear run will be installed for the oil tank and connected to the front Oil filter unit. At the bottom of the car, this will be copper like the existing hoses for security.

Fuel hoses are already routed outside the vehicle, so cable tying to these should be trivial.Finally, when we have a working fuel temperature indication and we aregetting good numbers, the tank can be fitted in the boot and the whole system tested with 100% veg.

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