Antony Gormley – Event Horizon

Acclaimed artist Antony Gormley has placed 31 statues of himself in various locations in London. All of them face towards the Hayward Gallery on the south bank where he presently has an exhibition on. Check out the locations of the statues in the Steve and Toby whistle stop tour. Hint: Look Up!  The homepage for Blind Light, the Gormley Exhibition on through August at the Hayward, can be found here.

The statues are all made individually by Gormley and his team and each is made by taking a fresh cast from Gormley himself. The casting process leaves rough edges and the channels used to pour the metal are left in place giving the statues an attractive, almost unfinished appearance.

All of the statues can be seen from the sculpture terraces at the Hayward, however there are some great viewing spots around london and each of the sculptures exhibits a life of its own when viewed in its local context. 

Disproportionate response to SPAM

Yesterday I invoked a ridiculously disproportionate response to a piece of SPAM.  No I don't want to buy a Renault and I don't appreciate not having an unsubscribe option either. This email must have been harvested by buying what is euphemistically called an opt-in list.

So not only were there no unsubscribe instructions, but if you visited the Renault website, the only way to unsubscribe was to provide more information: name, address, phone number, email address and information about my current car.  All this to stop receiving rubbish!

So my disproportionate response is a simple mail filter than trashes any email with the word renault ANYWHERE in the message & a greasemonkey script that removes Renault from any text rendered in Firefox. It's now not possible to send me an email with Renault anywhere in the message. 

In my internet world, Renault no longer exists.  Perhaps one day corporates will notice that sending marketing emails without explicit opt-in permission is a no-no!