SCO look sunk. Share price plummets as key case lost

To say that it's all over bar the shouting might be a bit previous, but on Friday the judge in Novell v SCO decided in favour of Novell, meaning that SCO never owned the Unix copyrights in the first place.  This is really important as it largely pulls the rug out from SCO v IBM too.

It's not quite that clean because SCO do get to keep copyright on Mods made sinc 1995 meanting that they have a couple of bits and bobs left to  sell to unsupecting punters.

It does mean though that SCO now owe most of the licensing monies they took from Microsoft and Sun to Novell, which is nice. 

The share price says it all really: Stock lost 71% of it's value today as investers bolted for the door.  What nutters were still in at that point pretty much deserved to lose it really.

 Great news all round.  All in all the company is now worth slightly less than an empty coke can.