Big Mac Eaters Beware! the £128 Burger Is Here!

Yes, not content with ripping customers off on the food, McDonalds have now started charging £125 if you spend to long eating it too.  And don't think you can get away with it.  McDonalds are using high tech number plate recognition devices to make sure you get lost within 45 minutes.  Of course they don't confront you in the store, they nab your details from DVLA and the first thing you know is when you get a letter weeks later asking for £125.

Oh, and McDonalds don't go soft either, the fine Rises to £213 if you don't pay.  Would you risk your house for a Big Mac.  Nope me either!

A spokesman for McDonalds said today: "If you don't like it, don't eat at our restaurants". 

TurboTas advises you to follow the tainted arches advice and go to Burger King, who still treat their customers like….. customers!

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