UAV Build May 08 Update


The two comms channels between the GCS and the UAV were established today.  The first of these, the wired USB connection used to flash the flight plan was tested after making up the Pico blade lead.  The default funjet airframe file was then modified to approximately match the aircraft and the gcs successfully flashed the airframe.   Proper progress!   The Project gallery is here

The second part the air to ground link was also completed today. The MaxStream USB dev board arrived today, so I was able to configure the MaxStream Xbee Pro units. The units required a firmware flash up to the latest release and the bit rate set to a sensible 57600bps as well as enabling the MaxStream API, which is used to make the communications channel more resilient. After the UAV end was removed from the USB development board and plugged into the UAV, it worked just fine.   Not surprisingly, a further airframe flash was required to get the MaxStream and UART parameters correct in the airframe.

Once this was completed, I started the GCS and was most hearetened to see the Airframe messages coming in.

The next task is to get the GPS working and start installing the IR Sensors

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