UAV Build July 08 Update

The RC radio is now modified so that it has a three position switch for MANUAL\AUTO1\AUTO2 mode selection. This works fine although ideally the switch should be mounted on the left of the radio and not the right. Full Radio (RC) range check carried out and an initial test flight showed good telemetry data. Photos of the radio mod ar on the gallery, which is here. Full radio (modem) range tests carried out and good signal recieved at 250 Meters using standard antennas.

GCS tested on Mains inverter powers from car battery. GCS voltage converter added for video goggles.

Initial flight test carried out. One 10 minute flight proved the airframe working fine. Chosen Motor/Prop combination giving reasonable
performance on 2 cel LIPO. 3 brief attempts at AUTO1 deemed failures. Each time AUTO1 flight was attempted, the airframe rolled violently. Further ground tuning underway.

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