UAV Build January 09 Update

It’s been a long time since an update on the UAV project has been forthcoming, so I thought it worth a quick post with progress.

The RC radio is now re-modified so that operation of the mode switch is on the left.  I fly mode 2 and it was not the smartest descision to put the mode switch over on the right of the radio.

Test flights have shown that during the brief forays into AUTO1 (stabilised manual flight) showed a small roll oscillation and a violent nose down pitch.  this issue is ongoing and is the cause of much head scratching.  Telemetry data seems to show that the AHI is in a neutral position before the switch is flicked, so it’s most odd that the plane immediatly dives towards the ground. I suspect the users forum will yield suggestions.

The airframe has around six flights of ten minutes each to its name now and although some improvements have been made, the plane generally flies very well.  The only mishaps have been related to the AUTO1 attempts and although these have involved close shaves, the plane is still in great shape.   Aircraft now shown to fly equally well on 2 cell or 3 cell LIPO.  Normal flight probably will be on 3 Cell LIPO to maximise flight time. 3 Cell pack does increase AUW and consequently approach and landind speed.  Ideal prop is 8×6 and this gives good throttle response and very quiet flight.

A recent update of the GUI software has bought a massive performance improvement in the ground segment aspects.  It’s not known what has triggered the improvement, simply that it runs very well indeed now.  Additional GUI features will be tested over the next few weeks.

Photos of the progress are on the gallery, which is here.