The magic of Lego at none of the cost

The moment you break the seal on a new Lego set and start laying out the bags, you are in for a treat, but an expensive one. The price of Lego sets varies according to the size of the set, the complexity, and the licensing fees Lego had to pay to get the rights. This makes kit prices very variable when trying to apply a standard measure. Kits can end up anywhere between £50 and £180 per kilo of bricks.

The largest sets tipping 8KG, that can be a lot of dish. 75252 Star Destroyer, 75192 Millennium Falcon work out at over £500 each while being some of the best per kilo value at £50, and Lego architecture series working out at over £150 per kilo to be the worst value for money of all kits ever.

Lego Studio can be a great way to virtually build those kits that you can’t afford in real life. Here is a gallery of my builds. You can even find some rendered timelapse on my you tube channel.

I started this project because I wanted to simulate a Mega-Titanic. More on that another time, but in the meantime, here is a gallery of some renders!