The Ultimate in Environmentally Friendly Computing?

Possibly the most odd case design you will ever see. This beast is actually made out of cardboard!

Unsurprisingly, it arrives as a flatpack and the assembly looks like it may take a few frustrating hours! From the pictures it looks like this is a glue free process though so all you have to watch out for is stray coffee cups and Paper cuts!

Hardware is attached to the case by way of small clips. Presumably the finished case can be completed to your own specifications using paint, markers, papier mache etc 😉

It’s not clear from the accompanying text if this is a big april fools joke, but the attention to detail does indicate that this case does really exist and you can buy it.

On the plus side it would certainly make things a lot lighter so it would be far more feasible to attend those lan parties.

Sending the thing would also be a doddle: Brown tape over the orifices and write an address on the top 😉

Alas, there are some downsides: Think of the risk of paper cuts whilst upgrading.

Also it would no longer be too smart to stick coffee cups on the top of the PC!

For those amongst you hell-bent on running flogging 466 Celerons at 1.2 Gigs, there may be a very real fire risk 😉

If you now have your heart set on one of these, check out the source below. Beware, it’s not English!

Whatever next? TurboTas can think of some distinct advanges to Cardborad motherboards, Hard Discs and Ram. It would be nice to try a cardboard keyboard: At least it will do less damage when slung out of the window in frustration 😉


New Themes Available

Wow, Some super new themes are now available. As of yet they are not all edited for optimum English, but shout if your favorite one is not right.

Dezina is so good, I’ve made it the new site default. Let me know what you think. The new ones are Dezina, norwich, seriartnukeblue, EYellow and Chama.

Don’t forget to vote if you think they stink!

Rubiks Cube on Speed?

If, like me, you found the best way to solve the Rubiks cube was by prising off a corner, best read no further.

The latest craze (?) is to attempt to solve a 4D version of the famous puzzle.

Basically a bunch of mathematicians and programmers have got together (always a bad sign) and come up with a computer sim (Windows and Linux) which lets you try to solve the 4D version.

Apparently there are more permutations than there are atoms in the universe. Despite these extra possibilities, the 4D cube is said to be not much more complex then the 3D version for those that mastered it.

I don’t know about that: assuming I could prise a corner off a 4D cube, I reckon there would definitely be bits left over afterwards!


More Delays For Mars Rover

As the ESA ‘Mars Express’ passed 1,000,000km from the Earth, the first of the NASA backed Mars Rovers is still Earthbound after thunderstorms surround the launch site.

‘Spirit’ and ‘Opportunity’ are scheduled to arrive in January 2004. Each is a golf cart sized explorer specifically designed to examine the geology for past evidence of water.

The end of this year is set to be busy for Mars: Beagle II should arrive at Christmas aboard the Mars Express.

Mars Express and the NASA MER mission have not coincided by chance: A rare proximity between Mars and Earth means more payload and faster transit: the typical journey is down from 9 months to 7.

Both missions also share the same planetfall approach: Airbags. Although it sounds risky its a proven technique and significantly reduces the mass of the landing system.

Sources: ESA Mars Express, Nasa MER

DVD Lending Library

The DVD Lending database for Horley/Crawley is up and running. Presently it has around 150 movies recorded. Try guest/guest to take a peek.Participants enter the details for their own DVD’s and have access to the lists of the others via search and browse facilities.

Using the Reserve/Borrow facility results in an email to the owner asking to lend the media to the borrower. The database also takes care of reminders and stats etc.

If you’d like to participate in this clever scheme, just drop me an email and I’ll set you up. You need to know me personally or work for the same company to be able to take part: implicit trust is required for the scheme to work!

May 5th 2003 – Security Fixes

New Today:


Of these, MySQL is the one to watch: It fixes both a denial of service problem and a root exploit. The man vulnerability is a minor one and is not so important, particularly if no login accounts exist on the box.

Who is Wgeting TurboTas?

On Thursday 1st May, odd log entries were noted on the TurboTas web site. Most strange: with only 10 registered users and 20 posted articles, mirroring the website every 15 minutes
seems a bit overboard.Nevertheless, some plum is WGET’ing the whole site every few minutes and has been doing so for 5 days now.

As the traffic is small, I’ve been bemused to see what would happen. Alas, no phone calls or emails from people loving the site and wanting to buy it for squillions. Today therefore I decided to dig a bit further.

Stats have been on the list of things to do, so I did this first using awstats See Links. Next I used half a days stats to get a feel for the bandwidth this mirror was causing. It works out to quite a few megs:around 14 megs per day.

I figure that it’s one of you guys rather than something deliberately intended to leech the bandwidth:14 megs is pretty hopeless as an attack profile.

Next job was to identify the source.
Okay. The source address is A quick squint at the other stuff on the subnet shows us someone who doesn’t work in IT (HP switch, hah!).

I’ve left the IP address unfiltered as analysing these problems is really interesting.

Stay tuned for the next installment!

New Packages Releases


Of These Zlib is the one to watch: the last zlib bug was really nasty and it’s really easy to forget how easy it is for a would be attacker to pass data to zlib: http, email, images. the list is long