The USA 2020 Election car-crash is finally over

Finally, the small-handed orange wank-hammer is out. The electoral college votes have been cast and he is out baby, out.

What better way to celebrate than to give each American a unique insult to sling at the dangerous combovered pussy-grabber.

So this file has 331,002,651 unique insults which is the population of the US according to the UN. You are very welcome.

Download the epic insult file here. All these insults are unique. Most are very offensive including the c word. Some are not a great fit for Trump. Most are. It’s a whopping 3.4G so you can also try a small 1000 insult sample here.


Addressing the post Brexit transition insult shortage

With our Brexit ‘Oven Ready’ deal eaten by the dog, we have exited the EU and the almost equivalent to no deal brexit is only a few months away at the end of a transition period.

Transition period in this context equals the European negotiators basically saying over and over again “Are you sure this is what you want, are you REALLY sure because it sounds like madness to us”, and the UK negotiators shouting “LALALALALA”.

Anyway after the end of December 2020, along with food and energy, it is likely that insults and expletives will be stretched to breaking point. “Wheres the fucking food” and “Turn the fucking lights back on” will wear thin after a few months.

To this end, in advance of the transition period ending and the return of food stamps and blackouts, TurboTas has made for you an insult generator and a rude word portmanteau generator to start you off when you desperately need food, insults, expletives and water.

Be aware that after December 2020, this service will be very stretched, so you are advised to start saving up insults and expletives now along with rice, pasta and drinking water.

But don’t fear: the government has arranged for Financial Services to be in extra supply, so expect a delicious nutritious menu of pensions, insurance, credit and bank charges after December. Om nom nom or bon apetito if you are posh.

The insult generator is here and it generates very rude words. You have every right to be offended. If you want to play with the options, you could try ?help and turn on very very rude words and maybe try insult specific people.

The Portmanteau generator is here and also generates pretty rude words. The Portmanteau generator can help you come up with expletives. As with the insult generator, you could try adding ?help.