SpaceX Launch Nice to See

Here are a few awesome things that it would be nice to see for SpaceX launches.

Follow the second stage
SpaceX have a responsible attitude to space debris mitigation and they de-orbit the second stage after deployment. It would be awesome to follow the second stage into the atmosphere. We do know that the second stage has a camera on board but we don’t know if it has the battery capacity or downlink capability to transmit as it comes back down towards the Indian Ocean.

See inside the tank
Every now and again, SpaceX give us an accidental view inside either the fuel or oxidizer tank. It looks amazing and it would be great to see a longer view of that view, maybe even while the engines are burning!

Follow the Fairing
We don’t know what if any telemetry capabilities the two fairing halves have, but following them down would be an amazing ride!

Stage 1 Telemetry
It would be pretty cool to have a view of the stage 1 telemetry after separation rather than following stage 2. Stage 1 goes pretty high and comes in pretty fast, it would be great to follow it all the way down one day. Update: This now happens!